The current number of packaged products under the SLOGA branding is about fifteen, with an annual capacity of approximately 3,500 tons of repacked goods. he same goes for the bulk products (chicken, pork, beef, fish, fries, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and vegetable oils), adding up to a total of approx.160 products in our offer. The active portfolio is constantly being extended with products missing from the market or requested by the consumers.

In addition to the availability of the SLOGA PROM products on the domestic market, in line with the development strategy, the company has been actively working on a project to place the products on the markets in the region, meaning that, in the near future, SLOGA PROM shall also be promoted as an export-oriented company.

As a result of the rapidly growing processes and high demand on the domestic market, the new, capital facility was launched in 2017: cooler with a public customs warehouse. The facility is consisted of three parts on a surface of 4,700m2. The cooler incorporates chambers which operate on a temperature regime of +4 to -25 degrees Celsius, with a large capacity for storing frozen and chilled goods. Taking this into consideration, the warehouse capacity adds up to a total of 5,000 pallets.

In addition to the investment in capital facilities and human resources, SLOGA PROM simultaneously invests in new technologies, equipment, and motor fleet in accordance with the market demand.

The latest company novelty includes new, modern designs for the packaging of the SLOGA branded chicken and fish products.

SLOGA PROM’s corporate strategy has always prioritized pushing the boundaries in its category. he continuous introduction of new products to meet market demand, make the SLOGA brand the first consumer choice. Having this in mind, the company went forward to introduce new packaging design, driving the company further away from the industrial look which prevails in this segment of products, giving them a contemporary look, higher standard, and better visual identity.