The company’s operations incorporate larger and wider meaning from its primary function – in providing an economic development in the community. The size and meaning of a company can bee seen through its community engagement and the transfer of corporate values in it, so much so the citizens can feel the benefits of the company’s operations. Therefore, giving back to the community is of an exceptional value to SLOGA PROM. Through our corporate social practices, we create benefits for the wider community and for the citizens, making this function one of the most important functions for SLOGA PROM. With a company policy like that, we create better conditions for our employees, their families, our fellow citizens, and everybody included in this community, town, municipality, and country.

The social responsibility is in the very core of our operations, and this is why we act in a number of important areas from the community life: sport, culture, education, and socio-economical segments. Aspirojmë drejt një game dhe ndikimi sa më të gjerë në përmirësimin e imazhit të komunitetit dhe me kalimin e viteve kemi arritur të zhvillojmë një marrëdhënie aktive dhe të përkushtuar për të përmirësuar kushtet në mënyrë të barabartë për të gjithë.

We continuously support projects in the public eye and important for the society on both – local and international levels.

We have established a long-term collaboration with the Food Bank of Kavadarci, through which we continuously donate products from our portfolio to families and individuals in social risk.

SLOGA PROM is an active supporter of the football club GFK Tikvesh Kavadarci, and the handball club GRK Tikvesh Kavadarci.

We support culture by reviving it. One of our activities in this area highlighted the sponsorship of the international  art colony  “Kavadarci- Mihajlovo”, and the international  art colony  “De Niro” – Bitola.

Aktivish mbështesim dhe ndihmojmë tempujt fetarë. By donating to build a number of churches in the Tikvesh region, as well as for the construction of the St. Petka in Kavadarci.

The Tikvesh grape harvest  represent continuation of a long and rich tradition dedicated to wine. his meaningful economic-cultural-tourist manifestation has been supported by SLOGA PROM for years now.