When the purchaser makes a choice of a product, they do that based on many criteria. However, the first one to leave them with the strongest impression is the packaging. he packaging is ‘responsible’ for the first contact, which is why it is not unusual for the producers and manufacturers to invest a lot of effort when following the packaging trends for the year to come. Only the original designs, different from the usual, will attract the purchaser, while the product and the brand will stand out from the many (sometimes stereotypical) products in stores. A purchaser’s living habits vary, and this must be followed by the packaging’s design. Trends in designs oftentimes cause changes in the usual features of a certain category of products. A different approach to design may immediately call for consumer’s attention. Following these rules, SLOGA PROM created new, contemporary designs for the packaging of some of its most popular products. This way, each of the products from the wide range of frozen meat got its own visual identity, with packaging similar in color and design, enabling the consumers a fast and easy choice to the product in need. In line with the packaging standards for these types of products, the new packaging presents exceptional quality, and durability at low temperatures as the low permeability of light and heath is of utmost importance for the frozen goods.