Frozen products become more and more present in everyday diet, and the availability to different types of frozen foods makes them suitable for everyone’s usage. When it comes to the sector of frozen foods (meats and vegetables), the SLOGA brand takes a large part of the market. Chicken, pork and beef, fish, fries, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and vegetables oils packaged as SLOGA frozen products are readily available in the retail chain throughout the country. Packing and distributing frozen foods for more than 30 years now, the company is located in Kavadarci. As a family business, the initial growth of the company begins locally, only to become one of the leaders on the domestic market of packaged, frozen goods. As one of the very first companies to enter this industry (which, back then was still considered unknown and undeveloped), the success could only follow with the implementation of contemporary technologies and procurement selection of first-class, high-quality products. “Entering an industry with a tradition of storing food for longer periods of time, we knew the same was now subject to new methods and innovative technologies as a pre-requisite for the quality, which would then lead to market coverage. Hence, each investment in the development of SLOGA PROM was directed towards new technologies and contemporary methods of storing, distributing, and packaging frozen products. We now operate with a modern system staring from: procurement, labeling, packaging, and distribution of our products.” – says Lasko Jovanov from SLOGA PROM.